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Sean Marling Memorial Cyclocross Series

The Sean Marling Memorial Cyclocross Series is a 10 week event that starts in The Fall. We leave from Spin City Cycles at 6pm or meet at the old Scovill Golf Course at 6:15 for 7 laps of a 1.5 mile route.

Couple of things:
Bring a light, front to see and rear for the ride there and back. Preferably your light was purchased at Spin City Cycles...
Wear a helmet, cause you always should.
Be respectful of your surroundings and watch for cars.

And this was from an email from the Chair:

You may be wondering, "what can I do to support the SMMCS?" Well, the answer is easy. Just show up and race! Anyone that toes the line in honor of The Great One will be automatically entered into the SMMCS.

You also may be wondering, "what if I don't have a cyclocross bike?" That answer is easy too. If you've got a bike with knobby tires, then you're good to go! The Race Committee welcomes you equally whether you show up on a Schwinn or a thoroughbred cyclocross race machine.

Hope to see you there!

Chris Monroe, SMMCS Race Committee Chairman of the Board

Sean Marling Memorial Cyclocross Series