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We have been a Seven dealer since we opened 16 years ago. We have sold a fair amount of them and each one is unique, beautiful and memorable. It's a little hard to capture in words all the great things about these bikes, but all the owners love them and several have gotten second or third ones.

We will walk you through the fit process and figure out what you want to do, take your bike measurements and most importantly your body measurements. This gets sent of to Seven, who then calls you for a phone interview. We get specs back and set up a fit bike to make sure everything looks good. We either sign off, or make changes. When everything looks good, they start building your bike. We then painstakingly build it up from the frame to the final product. Do a final fit and then you ride it, a lot, like a whole bunch, and love it. The whole process takes about 6-8 weeks, sometimes much faster. 

Yea, they cost more than a stock bike, but we've seen 15 year old bikes come in that after cleaning up and putting new parts on, look as good as new ones.

Check out: for some idea's, or stop in, call or email us. 

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