Bag Blackburn Outpost Corner Bag Black

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You weren't using that space anyway, were you? A handy, rigid pouch that'll fit into that odd space behind your head tube, for storing a CO2, tube and tools. You weren't using that bit anyway, were you?

Water Resistant: Extra protection against the elements.

Bag Fit: Bikes come in a lot of shapes and sizes. This bag includes adjustable mounting systems to allow fitment to almost ANY bike.

Frame Strap: Help is at hand. Strap the holster to the top tube with the inclulded straps, tape it to your seatpost, zip tie it to a fork leg. Whatever works best for you.

Mesh Pocket: This bag has dull, sensible uses too, it's not just for scoffing food. The outer mesh pocket will carry a lightweight jacket, a multi tool or all of those now-empty wrappers.

No More Seatbag: Nothing to rattle against your seatpost and nothing for your tire to buzz on.

No More Backpack: With a tube, tool and air within reach and a bottle on your bike, who needs a pack?

Use The Space:The easy to use drawstring cinches up or loosens with one hand, because no one likes airborne M&Ms.

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